Development of Nanofilters for water purification and supported Nanoparticles for the removal of Volatile organiac compounds(VOCs) from contaminated Air

Dr Srihari Murthy Information Under Updation*

  • Project code : BT/PR9105/NNT/28/29/2007
  • Affiliation : SRM University
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  • Sanctioned Amt :Rs. 1,53,35,144/-
  • Sanctioned Date :2007-05-16
  • Completion Date :2012-05-16
  • Project Status :Completed


Objectives of the Study

1. To determine if nanoscale silver oxide and silver alloys such as silver copper alloys are effective biocides against micro organism.
2. To develop cost - effective nanofilters for water purification on the basis of the scheme put forward by Savage and Diallo.
3.To identify the reaction processes of different VOCs with manganese oxides. 
4. To identify the effective nanomaterial system for the removal of VOCs. 
5. To develop high throughput nanoparticulate based filteration units to remove VOCs from contaminated air.

Proposed outcomes of the study

1. It is likely to enable us to understand the chemistry of the destruction of VOCs by managanese oxides and thereby, faciliated in the identification of the most suitable nanomaterials for the removal of VOCs from contaminated air.
2. the development of hgh throughput filtration units for the reduction of VOCs in contaminated air to the sub-ppm levels should significantly contribute to improve health of blood humans and the planet.

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