Development of recyclable nanophotocatalysts for industrial effluent treatment.

Dr. RAKESH KUMAR Khandal Information Under Updation*

  • Project code : BT/PR9010/NNT/28/14/07
  • Designation : Professor
  • Department :Department of Research and Development
  • Affiliation : Shriram Institute For Industrial Research
  • Contact No. :011–27667267
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  • Sanctioned Amt :Rs. 63,27,032/-
  • Sanctioned Date :2007-07-03
  • Completion Date :2010-10-03
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  • Project Status :Completed


Objectives of the Study

1. To establish suitable and reproducible methods for the preparation of nanoparticles using soft chemical route.
2. To optimize the protocol for nanoparticles preparation, whereby it would be possible to control the size and the size distribution of the nanoparticles.
3. To standardize the method for controlled incorporation of the dopants into the semiconductor matrix.
4. To develop method/method for incorporation/immobilization of nanoparticles in/on polymeric matrices. 
5. To compare the effect of various modifications and parameters on the catalytic efficiency of the nanoparticles and bulk materials. 
6. To develop the method of effective catalytic destruction of the toxic pesticides and dyes using modified and unmodified nanoparticles

Proposed outcomes of the study

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