Development of Agro-Entomotoxic Nanoparticles and their use in Medical Science: Applied and Basic Aspects

Prof. Arunava Goswami Information Under Updation*

  • Project code : BT/PR9050/NNT/28/21/2007
  • Designation : Professor
  • Department :Agricultural And Ecological Research Unit
  • Affiliation : Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
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  • Sanctioned Amt :Rs. 1,61,25,000/-
  • Sanctioned Date :2007-11-14
  • Completion Date :2012-11-14
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  • Project Status :Completed


Objectives of the Study

1. Study aimed at generation of novel nanosilica Molecules from AMMS & other entomotoxic silica sources like Shell, red volcanic and black volcanic soil.
2. Generation of physio-sorptive entomotoxic nanopaticles for application in tropical climates.
3. Generation of nanoparticle based high value pesticides for urban and intensive agriculture, Horticulture, Animal and poultry industries.
4. Application of surface modified nanosilica for controlling insects of medical importance.
5. Nanoparticle biosafety assays using standard animal models.
6. Testing of the produced nanoparticles for their efficacy as drug for controlling malarial parasites in chicken and human malarial parasites in vivo and in vitro respectively.
7. Eco- friendly and natural lipophilic nanosilica based drugs for combating Bm NPV infection in silkworm.
8. Study of the processing of in situ as well as introduced nanosilica inside the insects and animals used in this study.
9. Submission of patent application in India.
10. Registration of the products as new insecticides through CIB. Govt. of India.
11. Market Connectivity.

Proposed outcomes of the study

Generation of nanosilica of various shape and size with enhanced capacity to kill insects with thick cuticle. Easy availability of nano-silica with novel ento-toxic properties at lower price in the market for agriculture and horticulture use. Understanding of the impact of nano-silica on the gene expression of the plants, leading to toxic effects on consumer and establishment of bio safety issues. Understanding of nano-silica effects on photosynthetic and transpiration efficiency analysis in plants treated with entomotoxic nanoparticle for shorter and longer duration.

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