Development of controlled - release nanoparticulate formulations for pesticides and insecticides.

Dr. Subho Mozumdar Information Under Updation*


Objectives of the Study

1. To establish suitable and reproducible methods of preparation of the nano particles using reverse micelle techniques.
2. To standardize the methods, whereby it is possible to control the size and the size distribution of the particles entrapping the pesticide molecules.
3. To enhance the protection and safeguard against degradation of the encapsulated molecules, by virtue of the rigidity of the matrices.
4. To attach ligands to the particle surface for specific targeting.

Proposed outcomes of the study

The proposed study, other than generating theoretical knowledge, will help us in developing a preparative protocol for generating environment sensitive, smart, nano particulate, controlled release formulations for different pesticides and insecticides. These nano particulate formulations with precise charge and surface characteristics are expected to overcome the limitations of some of the formulations currently being pursued upon and display better results with enhanced environmental safety, It may also be possible to use some of the metal and metal oxide nano particles generated by us for fabricating ultra sensitive environmental sensors.

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