Process for the protein-assisted nanocomposite synthesis of Silica-Protease/Chitinase-Humic acid (Si-Protease/Chitinase-HAs) as bioencapsulated pesticides.

Dr. V. Angu Selvi

  • Project code : BT/PR8931/NNT/28/07/2007
  • Designation : Scientist
  • Department :Environmental Management Division
  • Affiliation : CSIR Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research
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  • Sanctioned Amt :Rs. 32,52,200/-
  • Sanctioned Date :2008-01-14
  • Completion Date :2013-01-14
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  • Project Status :Completed


Objectives of the Study

Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research 

1. To synthesis (protein assisted) Silica-Protease/Chitinase-HAs nanocomposites and its bionanoencapsulation. 
2. To study the micro structure/surface characteristics of Si-Protease/Chitinase-HAs nanocomposites by analytical electron microcopy (AEM)/ scanning electron microscopy (SEM)/ atomic-force microscopes (AFM).. 
3. To study the physical properties, chemical composition, crystallinity via XRD and FTIR. 

1. To study the transport phenomena and release mechanisms of Si-Protease/Chitinase/HAs nanocomposites in selected pest/crop. 
2. To study the actual toxicological mechanisms/mode of action/behavioral response of Silica-Protease/Chitinas-HAs nanocomposites on targeted/non targeted model organisms. 
3. To study the environmental fate of Silica-Protease/Chitinase HAs nanocomposites in Air/Soil/ Water/Aqueous Clay Suspensions/Crop

Proposed outcomes of the study

synthesis if Silica-Protease/Chitinase-Has nano encapsulated pesticides for the management of pest/pathogen will lead to environmental friendly alternatives to chemical pesticides with non toxic nature to mammals and other non-target organisms. The notable features of this project are the judicious blend of production technology and increase in the agricultural productivity. the out come of the project will lead to increase the acitivity of Si and enzymes greater and be present longer thatn those indtroduced by conventional applications of commercial preparation of the Si pesticides.

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