Development of herbal mosquito repellent patch using nanofibers.

Prof. Amit Goyal Information Under Updation*

  • Project code : BT/PR2777/NNT/28/535/2011
  • Designation : Professor
  • Department :Department of Pharmaceutics
  • Affiliation : ISF College of Pharmacy, Moga
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  • Sanctioned Amt :Rs. 35,43,826/-
  • Sanctioned Date :2011-09-28
  • Completion Date :2014-09-28
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  • Project Status :Completed


Objectives of the Study

1. siRNA mediated silencing of gene expression using carbon nanosphere .

2. Cancer cell targeting .
3. Dopamine- carbon nanosphere conjugate for effective transport across the blood brain barrier and associated therapy.

Proposed outcomes of the study

1. Of the processing methods capable of fabricating nanofibers, electrospinning has received the most intensive attention due to its simplicity and the potential for generating continuous nanofiber assemblies. As a result, these nanofiber assemblies will provide favorable conditions for the maximum adsorption of pharmaceuticals thus creating new opportunities in developing herbal dosage form.

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