Centre for Processes and Structures to support Translational Research and Innovations in Nanobiotechnology

Dr. Reena Singh * Verified.

  • Project code : BT/PR22185/NNT/28/1263/2017
  • Designation :Associate Director and Fellow
  • Department :Sustainable Agriculture Division, TERI
  • Affiliation :The Energy And Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi, TDNBC, Haryana
  • Contact No. :7838120198
  • Email Id :reenas@teri.res.in
  • Sanctioned Amt :Rs. 82,30,200/-
  • Sanctioned Date :2018-05-22
  • Completion Date :2021-05-23
  • Web Url : https://www.teriin.org/profile/reena-singh

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Summary of The Proposed Outcome.

1. A unique and single online platform will emerge that will contain a comprehensive list of country’s nanobiotechnology research projects, facilities, infrastructure, publications, patents, technology transferred and other related information
2. Bring forward cutting edge research in the area of nanobiotechnology through ideation process
3. Minimize research failure, effort, time, expenditure, and redundancy of works through prescreening of ideas by domain experts
4. Establish connect between researchers and stakeholders
5. Increase visibility and marketability of the developed technologies
6. Creation of an effective and quick knowledge, infrastructure, facility and information sharing
7. Facilitate PAN India nano-biotechnology group collaboration



Technology Transferred

Human Resources