Potential role of Nanoparticles in Plant pathogen detection at early stage and waste management

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Summary of The Proposed Outcome.

1. Synthesis of CdSe and CdSe/ZnS and other QDs. 
2. Coating of QDs with silica layer to provide stability without using special silane properties  
3.Multiple QDs may also be encapsulated into silica nanobeads using special silane precursors. 
4. Synthesis of CdTe nanorods. 
5. Incorporation of QDs into biocompatible polymer beads like hydrogel, chitosan etc. 
6. Syntheseis of Eu3+ doped Y2O3 (red phosphor), Tb3+ doped Y2O3 (Green phosphor) and Tm3+ doped Y2O3 (Blue phosphor) nanoparticles. 
7. Biotagging of specific single stranded DNA probe (complementary to the plant pathogen specific DNA sequences) to these QDs/phospjor nanoparticles using biocrosslinker.
8. Detailed molecular marker analysis for the plant pathogenic DNA to design probe.


1. Fluoroscent (CdSe and CdSe/ZnS) and phosphorescent nanomaterilas.(Eu3+/Y2O3, TB3+/Y2O3 and EU3+/Gd2O3) synthesized and characterized for imaging studies. 
2. Magnetic (Supeparamagnetic) iron oxide nanomaterials synthesized for probe labelling and hybridization studies.
3. Virulence gene specific DNA probes designed for Biopolaris sorokiniana and Alternaria solani. 
4. DNA sequence containings SSR motif specific DNA probes for Xanthomonas species-citri, oryzae and compestris.


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