Nano Zone for smart packaging.

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  • Project code : BT/PR9015/NNT/28/18/2007
  • Affiliation :CSIR- Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh
  • Sanctioned Amt :Rs. 65,24,032/-
  • Sanctioned Date :2007-09-19
  • Completion Date :2010-09-19

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Summary of The Proposed Outcome.


At Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology, Bhuvneshwar NaoZnO film was used to develop smart packaging materials. The Nano film could be deposited on borosilicate glass and thin Al foil by spray pyrolysis and radio frequency plasma technique. The important feature of the ZnO film deposition in this investigation includes a novel concept where zinc acetate was used in the form of a solid pellet which underwent sublimation at 245°C inside the plasma reactor to produce zinc acetate vapor (precursor) that was allowed to react in situ with the oxygen plasma (produced by radio frequency in the reactor chamber) resulting in the formation of ZnO and its film deposition on glass and Al foil. Such films could be used for food packaging purpose to increase the shelf life of food items as the films coated on the Al foil showed good antibacterial properties toward E. coli and P.aeruginosa even in dark.

It was also established that ZnO film of more than 500 nm thickness is fit for reuse as food packaging material without compromising the antibacterial activity. Diffusion of Zn2+ ions into the bacterial cell is attributed to be one of the possible mechanisms for the observed antibacterial activity in the Nano ZnO thin film.



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