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The Nanobiotech@DBT is a platform initiated by the efforts from the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. This platform aims to bring together the nano-biocommunity for dynamic interaction and to provide regular online updates on the DBT's Nanobiotechnology supported projectsnano-biocommunityfacilities & infrastructure and related information & link. The TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre, located at TERI Gram, Gurugram is now implementing this platform with the aim to facilitate knowledge share, interactions and collaboration amongst academicians, industry, government and other stakeholders associated to the nanobiotechnology sector.

The Nanobiotech@DBT platform consists of two components:

(1) The web component

 A resource for Nano-biotechnology community that includes nanobiotechnology technical expert committee, research investigators, domain experts, and mentors, to expand and connect the community together through interactions, collaborations and partnerships to foster translational research.

 A knowledge sharing platform that gives the details of projects and their research outcomes being implemented to empower scientists working in the area from knowledge acquired by the peer group.

A comprehensive list of DBT supported facilities and infrastructure located across the country through simple click-and-find links. The link will enable easy access to information relating to the facilities and infrastructure available across the country along with the contact information of the respective institute/organization and principal investigators holding the facility and infrastructure.

A platform to access information and links of resources such as journals, books, institutes, funding agenciesR & D industries, incubators and investors.

An interaction platform where students, researchers and entrepreneurs can freely discuss the key issues relating to scientific and technological challenges.

A platform to encourage creative mind to think innovatively towards challenges for the nanobiotechnology in the field of agriculture, health, delivery systems, systems and devices and nano-enabled systems. This platform invites challenge from the researchers and entrepreneurs.

An idea forum to encourage creative mind to think innovatively towards nano-enabled solutions for a defined challenge. The ideas can be submitted in this platform by Nano scientist, student, faculty and doctors who have the vision to solve the existing problem and raise the issues unidentified. Ideas will be reviewed by IDEA FORUM domain experts.

 (2) The physical component
  • Provide interaction opportunities among researchers, stakeholders and domain experts through periodic brainstorming sessions, workshops and review meetings.
  • Facilitate connecting with labs and facilities across the country for consolidation and validation of ideas.
  • Offer interfaces and processes to mentor researchers by making use of complementary skills available across the institutions/organizations in the country to leverage the depth of knowledge.
  • Provide inputs to stakeholders to directionalize research towards priorities of the country and draft policies relating to nano-biotechnology.
  • Offer a central contact point to stakeholders/organization interested to invest in advanced technologies that have the potential to achieve lab/pilot scale success.

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